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About Smyrna

Smyrna is about 10 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, and is considered a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is known as the “Jonquil City” because thousands of jonquils bloom in gardens and along the streets in early spring. 

Geographically, the City of Smyrna has some outstanding physical characteristics. The climate is very pleasant, with warm summers and mild winters and an average temperature of 61.4 degrees. 

The Smyrna area is decorated with thousands of jonquils blooming in the spring and a colorful change of leaves in the fall between these seasons.

Exquisite Roofing Smyrna

No matter how long-lasting it is or what materials it is made of, any roof will eventually sustain damage. Sometimes the damage is caused by high winds, hail, or lightning, resulting in severe damage that can occur instantly. In other cases, damage can occur due to normal wear and tear. 

Almost any roof will eventually wear out due to years of exposure to sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, and bombardment from winds, rain, snow and ice, and other elements. When they do, your entire home may be at risk.

Whether you have a minor leak or significant damage due to unresolved issues, Exquisite Roofing is the company to call. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to all of our customers in Smyrna, regardless of their roof’s shape, size, or construction. We only use the best materials to ensure that all of our Smyrna roof repairs meet our high-quality standards, and we never settle for anything less than a job done correctly and completely. 

Every repair is completed by a highly trained team, led by a friendly, knowledgeable foreman who treats your home as if it were their own.

Why should you hire Exquisite Roofing?
  • We are a local family business in Smyrna that treats our customers as if they are family.
  • We are well-known in Smyrna and have numerous positive online reviews.
  • Our roofers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.
  • We only use high-quality materials and provide the best warranties in the industry.

Call Exquisite Roofing today if your roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or inspected.

When it comes to storm damage to roofs, we’ve seen it all at Exquisite Roofing, and we make it our mission to fix the problem as soon as possible, so you’re always properly protected. When you require immediate assistance, emergency services are available!
We can even assist you in locating storm damage that you may have sustained without realizing it. Because our inspection services are thorough and experienced, we can frequently detect issues that inexperienced contractors may overlook. 
You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands.
A Reliable Smyrna Roofing Contractor
Exquisite Roofing takes pride in our honesty, integrity, and transparency. We are honest about our pricing, upfront about our opinions, and respectful of your property, time, and budget. 
We want to be your roofing contractor today and every day in the future!
Call us today!
Walitean WtsonWalitean Wtson
17:31 24 Apr 22
Exquisite Roofing and Restoration- Smyrna really took care of our roof. They went above and beyond for us. Meeting with their crew since day one we knew this was the company in Smyrna, GA we wanted to choose. Will use their services again in future
Erween JohnnyErween Johnny
16:31 23 Apr 22
Great quality and service. Crews showed up on time and completed the project in a timely manner. Highly recommended!
ire kamaire kama
22:35 13 Aug 21
James was very professional from the word go. He came and put a temporal fix while we were working on the time to instal the new roof. He worked with me very well.
Jim Moon JrJim Moon Jr
18:51 22 Jul 21
I called and James got right back to me, dropped by the next day and then came back a second time to take pictures with his drone. Turned out the issue we could not see wasn't the roof, but squirrels chewing on the siding of the chimney. James went the second mile even though there was no business this time. I'm going to recommend him though. Thanks James.
Madison ProsperiMadison Prosperi
14:57 11 Feb 21
We've been working with James since we bought our house almost a year ago. The previous owners didn't know anything about the roof, so we brought him out for an initial inspection. He has since been out several times to help in our war with a pesky woodpecker on our insanely high siding at the top of our chimney, as well as regular maintenance and small issues with our roof. The last time he came out, he noticed significant damage from Hurricane Zeta last fall, and we were able to get a new roof approved through our insurance with his help! It was just installed yesterday, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. James and his team were professional, efficient, and so quick! An entire roof install and internal leak damage repair in under 9 hours! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Exquisite Roofing and Restoration for your home needs!